Diamond Is Not an Investment

Diamond Is Not an Investment

You’ve been riding horses with your girlfriend, and now you feel it’s time to get yourselves to walk down the aisle. As a long-term partnership, many happy thoughts run through your mind on where to get the best ring for your engagement day.  Then finally undeniable decision upholds your already combed thoughts on the Diamond gemstones as the best products of your choice. And because it’s the talk of the town, you feel much Interested in buying the diamond ring. As aforementioned all single people and dating couples have consistently gauged their attention and seen that Diamond is a must-buy product for a spectacular wedding. Well! Only a fool would be duped to think that buying a diamond is a paramount investment.

For sure I know you might be wondering whether we have gone nuts by advising you otherwise. No madness here but the only bitter truth that will savage you from spending a lot of money in this most depreciating asset. In the recent err there have been several arguments that widely underrate the diamond qualities that even refute it from the mythical ranking that states that having diamond is like having any saleable at hand. In support of my criticisms, various aspects clarify the concession part of diamond not being an investment.

First of all, you have to get a glimpse of what investment is to avoid being easily duped by people that are always winged by acts of extravagance. So many people believe that for you to be counted as an investor, you must hock a hard diamond ring as a last resort to obtain a necessary resale value. Get assured by Brilliant Earth, the best Engagement Ring seller, that investment involves your commitment to using the fund to reduce unnecessary risk; thereby safeguarding your capital and a return on income. From Brilliant Earth perspective, here is why diamonds don’t serve as an investment;

Purchases of One Time Generation

Just like Americans, where the young age of 25 to 35 years also dictates the marriage queue on a borrowed investment yet in a state of crippling their student loan, it is also known that the rest of the world also have a similar thought pattern of splurging on their luxury no matter the cost. This was so because proposing to a lady using a ring had a great value, in addition to the society where the Lady was from. However, it also created an inbuilt sentimental value from a man’s Mother or grandma as they believed it was an economical spendthrift.